A Silly Mess

The world drove me mad, so I created my own.

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Where does someone get off on judging another human being? It honestly pisses me off. What? This person hurt you? Okay, you’re angry with them, you “hate” them, whatever. So it gives you the absolute right to make them feel like shit? To say things to them when they walk by you when you’re with your friends… oh I hope it makes you feel big, I hope it makes you feel better. Everyone fucks up on some level, some more than others… They made a bad choice, I get it. Let me ask you this… what gives you the fucking right to look down on them like they were scum? Who the fuck made you a person to judge another? Maybe they don’t feel bad for what they did… I wouldn’t understand that notion, but hey everyone’s different. What if they did feel bad though? So, you just never forgive them and tell everyone what trash they are? I couldn’t imagine that thought crossing my mind. People have hurt me in the past, I’ve come to forgive them… but I would never make someone feel like they were garbage… its just unthinkable.

Let the world mourn, Nelson Mandela has passed away.